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Friday, 26 March 2010

i've hurt myself again..


Seems like it was yesterdayWhen I saw your faceYou told me how proud you were,But I walked awayIf only I knew what I know todayOoh, oohI would hold you in my armsI would take the pain awayThank you for all you've doneForgive all your mistakesThere's nothing I wouldn't doTo hear your voice againSometimes I wanna call youBut I know you won't be thereOh, I'm sorry for blaming youFor everything I just couldn't doAnd I've hurt myself by hurting youSome days I feel broke insideBut I won't admitSometimes I just wanna hide'Cause it's you I missAnd it's so hard to say goodbyeWhen it comes to this..By hurting you

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