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Friday, 11 December 2009

when u feel lost

There are times in our lives when we feel 'lost'....... when we are feeling depressed, confused, betrayed, hopeless, lonely, alone. A prolonged feeling of being 'lost' can be devastating for a person, even to the extent of being suicidal. So when you are feeling 'lost' this is what you do:


Be gratefull that you are still alive! Your heart may hurt, your head spinning, your soul crushed, but admit and accept the very fact that you are still ALIVE! For some positive reason God has kept you alive so far, so choose to stay calm and stay alive..

Look for people who could help you or anything else that could help too. People can be friends, parents, family, counsellors, coaches, etc. Anything else can be the Quran, books, music, ........ in short, look around you for anything that can help you make a decison for you to move on. Look at the Choices you have. When you talk to people and ask for their opinion, remember, they are only giving you THEIR OPINION. Whether you want to accept, reject or modify their opinion is totally Your Choice. Whatever it is, the most important thing is CHOOSE. Do something about it. Move. If doesn't make you happy, make another choice and CHOOSE again. Continue to do that until you are happy about it. This process may take a day and a night, it may even take a year....... at least you are doing something about it

Make it crystal clear where you want to go or move on to. Where you want to go can also mean what is your end, your objective, what you want to acomplish, your Goal. If you do not have a target or objective, then how will you know how to get there? So get your goals Crystal Clear. One of the fastest way to get your goals clear is to Write It Down, or draw it...... describe it in detail. By writing your goals down, it will act as a Map that you will always refer to as you find your way out of that thick 'jungle' of problems that you face before reaching your goals or destination.

Step 4
With your goals clear and map in hand, you will now look for Signs and Direction to lead you the Right Way. The signs are all around us actually. And if you can't see them, all you have to do is look up...... and Pray. God is Always with you, so all you have to do is look Up and Ask for God's Guidance. Everything happens with God's Will, yes? Step 5 Every experience is a learning experience. Hence, Learn from the Past, Plan for Your Future, Take Charge Now Whatever happened in your life, happened. Stop talking about it and move on. Talk about the Past and you'll stay in the Past. Learn from the Past. Improve and Plan for your Future. And Take Charge! of your Life Now Why wait when you can do it now? Of course you can! Remember, being 'lost' is a Choice. You can choose to continue to be 'lost' or you can Choose to Find Yourself and Take Charge! of your Life. Your Choice. So Choose Take care. Take Charge!

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