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Thursday, 29 October 2009

i miss u???

nih hanyalah quote utk memenuhi ruang kosong..tiada maksud disebaliknya..untuk ape??

miss you.
I know we've said our good-byes
,and I know we've gone ourseparate ways,
but I still miss you
I wish that people were like chalkboards,
and we could wash our memories clean.
But we're not.And we can't.
Yet despite the anger that I feel sometimes,
I still miss you.
We were happy once,and I remember those times.
I remember how we smiled and laughed,
and how you held my heartin your hand.
I remember the tears and the fightsand how I took my heart back,
bruised and slightly wilted.
But still, somehow,I miss you,and I just wanted you to know that.
~Poem by Jennie Whittington ~


sUke Ati nAk tulIs